Moving Truck Tips & Instructional Video


  • The height of this truck is 11 FEET and the length is 26 FEET. If you encounter a bridge, garage or other structure shorter than this, please BACK UP & TAKE ANOTHER ROUTE.
  • When backing up, have someone GUIDE you from behind the truck.
  • Please keep the truck SMOKE FREE
  • DO NOT use your cell phone while operating the truck.
  • Please make sure the bed of the truck is cleared of all items, swept and returned within 48 hours.
  • Please return the truck with a full tank of DIESEL.
  • Park the truck in the same spot you picked it up from unless instructed differently.
  • Please LOCK both cab doors by using the key & locking them from outside the truck. Depressing the locks inside the truck and shutting the doors DOES NOT lock them.




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